When I went to my first backpacking trip to Europe I honestly thought it would be my last. How wrong can one get? After those weeks in Europe when I returned nothing much had changed back home, but I had changed totally! The experiences were mindboggling!

It was an experience of lifetime and backpacking was far more than just a cheap way of travelling – it was a way of life during those weeks. It gave a new definition for discovering the world.

As a backpacker you reach out, talk to people, cross boundaries and discover many things both outside and within you! All one needs is the desire to travel, a craving for enjoyable moments and yearning to learn from each experience. The only thing that can limit you is your imagination, desire and courage. But believe me once you experience this, you will start to abhor the package tours and that’s a promise.

Backpacking is all about moving away from ones comfort zone, exploring everything that’s strange and exotic, reaching out to new places and people. It’s all about living and experiencing. The experiences then become a part of you and change you for the better – in ways that you wouldn’t have even imagined.

All my experience of handling time and money, while backpacking, will help me in providing you a complete knowledge on what to expect from such a trip, luggage management tips, currency management tips, phone management, budget handling etc.

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